Hogan Lovells Move Into ‘Flexible Lawyering’ Space

Flexible lawyering has become something of a byword for firms seeking to meet client demands, develop enhanced business models and also meet the demand from lawyers for flexible working opportunities. All of which has lead to Hogan Lovells[1] joining with law company Elevate[2] to build a new, flexible lawyering business designed to meet legal demand for projects and secondments.

Hogans is not the first firm to make the move, with BLP being among the first, followed by Freshfields[3], Allen & Overy and Linklaters.

Commenting on the Hogans launch, partner Susan Bright said: ‘As the regulatory climate and client demand for legal services change, so the legal profession must change and adapt with it. We have long recognised that our clients face evolving challenges and operational pressures, and htis new approach will help to deliver our legal services in a way that reflects those chalenges in an efficient, flexible and cost-effective manner.’

Elevate’s Offering

Elevate provides consulting, technology and other services to both law firms and inhouse legal departments and has an existing connection with HOgans, having developed their cloud-based legal project management technology, Cael.

Elevate & John Cole
John Cole

‘Hogan Lovells understands that clients are looking to buy legal services differently,” Elevate’s president John Cole said.

“They are looking for law firms to collaborate with law companies to provide the full suite of services they need. We are delighted that Hogan Lovells has chosen to partner with us again and we believe this services puts the firm ahead of its copetition. The Flexible Lawyering programme, powered by Elevate, will give Hogan Lovells the 21st century lawyering flexibility it and its clients need.’

John Croft (left) wrote about the ‘legal mosaic’, in the Elevate press release saying –

“Law firms have traditionally felt the need to build and provide everything their clients have asked for.

“With the advent of Legal COOs now running legal as a business, this range of services is becoming hard to stay on top of: complex legal advisory work, mid-tier business-as-usual work, low level but high-volume work, legal project management, consulting around how legal matters are managed, a raft of new legal technology to implement, AI, the need for a flexible lawyering service… the list goes on. We like to think of this as a legal mosaic.

“Some firms are trying to do this all in-house, but the smart ones are listening to their clients and collaborating with new providers. Law companies can take many forms and provide many of these services at scale to the entire market. Hogan Lovells chose Elevate’s Cael Project[4] as its Legal Project Management tool back in 2017 so it was natural for them to turn to Elevate again when they wanted to extend a full-scale flexible lawyering service[5] to their clients.”

“This new service to Hogan Lovells – powered by Elevate[6] – means that the firm can focus on what it does best, knowing that Elevate will deliver and then run a high quality, flexible lawyering business for them (made up from the firm’s own alumni, among others) from day one. An exciting step forward in the legal mosaic.”

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